One Day At A Time

In addition to authoring 10 full length novels and running a Tee Shirt company but, I've always maintained a on......

A message to the discouraged, unsure, newly freed and hater laden.... March 11th marked the 19th year since I heard those gates clang behind me... It's been an uphill climb since I stepped out, full of life, wonderment and fear...Yes fear because the world seemed so big and new. Everything seemed to be moving so fast and I had no idea what my next move would be.. There were times when I wanted to say "fucc this", hit the blocc, grab a bird and get to the bag but a small voice always said "you gave them 7 already" so I chilled. I started my journey of freedom working at Dunkin Donuts from 6pm to 2am and a second job cleaning apartments from 8am to 5pm. When my mom passed, I again thought about saying "fucc it", but my love called and told me that she was pregnant with our son...So I chilled...I've been fortunate in that I've always TRIED to surround myself with good, pure hearted people and when I find them not to be I remove myself from association quiccly. I'm telling you this because I want you to see how God works... I've been home 19yrs and haven't had so much as a traffic ticcet... I've had good jobs, as I said before I started out at Dunkin Donuts. When I went bacc home to Dallas, a man by the name of Walter Thomas gave me a job that would parlay into a lucrative career. He and Cedric Nobles(a childhood friend) groomed me and I remember him asking if I could drive a sticc shift.. I said No.... He said you have 3 days to learn or you're fired.. So I learned... The next job was lengthy, I spent 9yrs there until they called me in on my day off and told me I was fired...I wanted to say "fucc it" then too but we had 2 babies depending on me to provide... I kept replaying that scene from the movie Friday in my head "How you get fired on your day off?" I found yet another job about 6 months later and this one moved us to the opposite coast where no one knew us....And guess what? We FLOURISHED and I gave that company 8 years.. I gave them 8 years before they called me into the office and terminated me. No reason, no explanation, nohing. That's 17 years of the 19 I've been free...See where I'm going with this? Monday I was fired after 8 years but this time fucc it didn't even cross my mind bcuz I've come to realize that whenever I let "doubt" creep in and cloud my mind, I'm allowing it to muffle my blessings. The blessings come but only after fighting their way thru MY mess.... This time was different, I was calm and at peace because I know that I'm touched..... The next day I got a call from an old friend (positive people around, remember that?) and offered me a job making more money, better perks, an all out managerial position at that. No more 10-12 hours in the greuling sun... Nada... See how God works? The position that I was denied by THEM, He removed me FROM THEM and PUT ME where He felt I deserved to be...You feeling me yet? Say mane, trust your process....Embrace your struggle because He knows what he has for you before you do. I encourage you to take your reintegration seriously and please take it one day at a time. If you know someone who can relate or needs these words feel free to pass it on and if this is you, just know that when the world seems to be coming at you sideways, let it come and face it head on......

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