Blood Knife

There comes a time in every man and woman's life when they see things as they should be, a moment of clarity if you will.

I read a story that so intrigued me that I wanted to share it with you. In order to trap and kill wolves, the native Americans use what is called the Blood Knife. They take a blood soaked knife and sticc it into a blocc of ice with the blade showing. Wolves are instinctively drawn to the smell of the blood. As blood thirsty animals they licc the blade of the knife thinking that they are getting a great meal. They licc the knife, cutting their tongue to shreds and because they can't distinguish their own blood from the original blood on the knife they continue to licc it. Unbeknownst to the wolf, he has just sealed his own fate, slowly bleeding to death. By the time he happens to "wake up" and realize that he's  been duped, it's too late and he either dies from his wounds or his pacc turns on him and rips him to shreds because their own blood lust must be quenched.....

Amerikkka is the Native American and we as people of color are the wolves. They bury their knife in the ice and we licc it. Time and Time again we fall for the okie doke where our great nation is concerned. What we know to be true is everything but true, yet we continue to faulter.

Trinkets are dangled in front of us and we bite....

I don't judge, I report but what I see in my travels as an author is that we licc the knife subconsciously all the time. In our quest for the "come up" we will cut each others throats, step on each others heads, destroy each others names and for what? For that almighty dollar!! Traps are deliberately set for us to fail and we embrace it. Albeit however small we may think it is, it's still a trap. As a blacc man in Amerikkka I've come to realize that for many years I've been liccing the knife. I've chased things put in front of me and it has cost me. When I sold drugs I was liccing the knife....

Everytime I popped my pistol I was liccing the knife....

When I was out and about being a playboy I was liccing the knife...

And as self destructive as it was, I continued to do it unable to see the consequences of my actions. Now on the eve of my 46th birthday I finally "get it"..Distractions are placed in our path to keep us liccing, to keep us pacified and in disharmony..Imagine this, small subtle things embedded in everyday activities like watching a simple reality tv show is not only a distraction but can be detrimental to our growth. How? We watchbthe drama unfold and we laugh, cry, rejoice and yell. We feed on the drama and instead of working through it when our own drama arises, we take the reality tv route and make things worse. I look at my young brothers and instead of saying, I remember my crazy styles as a kid or I wonder what college he's thinking about attending? We start to see them as Amerikkka sees them. His ass is up to no good, he looks like about to go rob somebody with all that blacc on.... From this day forward I will LEAD in love. I will leave my home everyday with the intention of helping someone. I will smile when I'm tired, I will search to understand those that have wronged me. I commit myself to strengthening not only my family but to enrich the lives of those I'm fortunate enough to cross paths with. 

Lastly, I used to wonder why we were so quicc to pop off on each other because I've often heard the question: How can we be mad at the police when we're out here killing each other?

Answer: When we've been shown time and time again that our lives have little to no meaning or value we began to devalue ourselves. It's easy to harm or kill something that holds no value. Self hate is real people and if I don't love ME, if I don't give a shit about ME, what makes you think that I could give a damn about you?

If you learn to love YOU, then the Universe will allow that love to beam through you and infect someone else, over and over again. Let's NOT licc the knife and learn to love each other again...



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