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Monica Dietrich has it all figured out, a low-stress job at the local sheriff's department, a daughter who is every parent's dream, a new puppy, a brand new farmhouse sitting on a few acres and most importantly; peace of mind. She's put the Jasmine and Kochese ordeal far behind her..... That is until an old FBI colleague shows up on her doorstep with a case file titled The Gemini Files…

Julius Jr.’s childhood is far less than perfect. He is torn between his mother and father who are going thru a bitter divorce. His world is turned upside down when his father takes him from the comfort of the family home in Benton Harbor Michigan to the brutal streets of South Dallas Texas.

When Julius Jr.’s family is gruesomely murdered his life takes a dramatic turn. His mother Naje’ moves to Texas to care for her youngest son and finds herself drawn into a conspiracy that threatens to not only take the life of her youngest son but hers as well. Roll with Julius as he grows into the ultimate hustler and unrelenting killer that the gang-ridden streets of South Dallas often breeds. where pimping, drug dealing, treachery, and betrayal go hand in hand.

With Booty Green dead and Julius Jr. being framed for his murder, Naje’, Devon and Angelica scramble to keep Julius from spending the rest of his life in prison. Yellow Shoes and Rabbit want them dead, the Barrera brothers need them alive and their women just want them safe. But Devon and Julius are making more enemies than friends. Angelica is pregnant with Julius’ child and all she wants and needs is a “normal” life, but the Gage family is far from normal. They are a family caught up in lust, wrath, greed, pride, and envy. Five of the seven deadly sins that threaten to tear their family to shreds in this high powered tale of treachery, deceit, and murder.

The Gage Family saga continues as they race against the clock to save the youngest family member of all. They must battle new and old enemies alike. Julius’ sins are catching up to his family rapidly and he must use every wit that he can muster to keep his family alive. Angelica is witnessing the deterioration of her family and she is not too happy. But Julius will align with the most unlikely ally to bring this deadly game of cat and mouse.

Forced to murder his own father but, hailed as a savior by his brothers Julius Gage has a tough row to hoe. He’s been thrust into an adult world that he’s ill-prepared for and all that matters is keeping his family together. With no adults in the picture, the state of Arkansas is all too willing to separate the brothers. Julius has no choice but, to steal his younger brothers away from the state and reunite his family. Their only hope is to find their older brother Otis Gage in hopes that he and he alone can fix what’s been broken.

Monica cursed under her breath; she didn’t like the fact that King had a hold on her body the way that he did. Their bodies had fit together as if they were made for each other. ...she had allowed herself to fall in love with a serial killer, a man with obvious mental problems, and if she didn’t end the case soon, one of them would surely meet their demise at the hands of the other.

Monica Deitrich is back in this thrilling, pulse-pounding novel!! "People aren't always who they appear to be and sometimes the only way to stay in the game is by using your weaknesses as your strengths."-Hayden Cross As an FBI profiler, Monica never assumed that her job would be easy but, after the murder of a close friend, Special Agent in Charge, Monica Deitrich is thrown head first into a case that'll change her life forever. A ruthless string of murders that span the continental United States has Monica both worried and perplexed but she stumbles on to a key piece of evidence that threatens to drive her insane and rips her family apart. A simple roll of the dice could fix it all, it's a long shot, she's sure but if her next move is her best move, she just might survive the game!!

I am a King among peasants and a wolf among sheep......

   With Jasmine locked away safely, Monica may be able to concentrate on the pursuit and capture of King Kochese. If there was one thing that the DEA and FBI had taught Agent Monica Deitrich, it was to check everyone and trust no one. Between Millicent and Noisy Boy, they keep her busy and content, that is, until a new love interest threatens to tear down everything that she's built.

The Gage children are all grown up and ready to make their mark on the world. Lies will be told and manipulation is at an all-time high as Trey, Julianna and AJ come face to face with a harsh reality: no matter how far you run from the hood, your debt must be paid. They have enjoyed a life of privilege and luxury but, the sins of their fathers threaten to derail it all. Lines will be drawn and crossed and when a new friend of Julianna and Trey stumbles upon a forbidden conversation, the kids are thrown into the very lifestyle that the Gage legacy was built on, a lifestyle that the family tried so desperately to keep them out of. They can choose to walk away or embrace the family mantra: Gage Over Everything!!!!

Tristen sighed heavily. He and his cousin Toby couldn’t have been more different. He was Ricky to Toby’s Dough Boy. He silently wished that he could be as strong and as vocal as Toby.
Tristen Graham had worked his entire life toward achieving his academic goals. He’d studied hard and graduated from M.I.T. at the top of his class. At 22 years old he stepped into a high paying executive position at one of the most prestigious software companies in Texas. Now that he’s inside, racism, favoritism and a tight-knit good old boy network threaten to derail all that Tristen has worked for until he decides to fight back the only way he knows how……..with his brain.

There's a pandemic sweeping the globe called crack and Bryson Daniels is hellbent on introducing it to the streets of Dallas, Texas. He wants in on the ground floor, so he along with four friends that he's known since fourth grade Chuckie, Ronnie, Cutty, and Peanut intend to corner a market yet to be made available to the public. True to teenage angst and naivety, the five friends forge a pact, a blood oath of sorts: when they are adults ready to retire from the game, their children will take over their respective roles in the organization that they've built. There's one problem though, Bryson Daniels is the only one of the friends that has a daughter and their sons have made it painfully clear that they'll never take orders from a woman.